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Donation to Cathedral Kitchen  &
Serving Lunch to Essential Workers
Within our Community
Today donations for Cathedral Kitchen were delivered and lunch was provided to some of our essential workers within our community including Borough Hall, the Fire Department, the Police Department, the Post Office, and the Public Works Department.  Thanks to Pamela Fisk and Mary Ann Bigelow for their service in the rain!!!  The ladies not only maintained social distancing, they both sported designer Rotary face masks, hand sewn by our wonderful President, Pamela Fisk!!!
The staff at the Cathedral Kitchen was impressed by the amount donated and greatly appreciated our support in helping them continue their mission of feeding those in need.
The final count of items donated was:
              206 bottles of water
              311 granola bars
              134 fruit snacks
A special thank you to everyone who generously donated:
Susan Baltake, Mary Ann Bigelow, Peter Bull, Lori Cooper, Bob Dilks, Pamela Fisk, Deborah Garwood, Karen Hagerman, Dennis Kelleher, Cheryl Laney, Sharon Reel, Joyce Tatro-Manes, Thom Wagner and Norie Wisniewski.
Stay safe and healthy,
Mary Ann Bigelow 
Local Service Chair
Cheryl Laney
Club Service Chair
Pamela Fisk
Club President
Doing Good. 
And, Having Fun Doing It! 

Should someone ask a member of the Rotary Club of Haddonfield, “What’s Rotary, anyway?” the likely response will be short and simple: “Rotary is about doing good, and having fun doing it.” 

More formally, Rotary is about service and fellowship. In over 200 countries around the world, more than 1.2 million business, professional, and community leaders – members of 33,000+ Rotary clubs – offer their time, talents, and treasure to help make the world a better place. They find it both very worthwhile and satisfying.

To download a leaflet that gives examples of the activities and projects that Haddonfield Rotarians are involved in – locally, regionally, and internationally – click here.
To inquire about membership, contact the Club Administrator, Vin Parker, at 856-795-7976 or
To learn more about Rotary generally, visit
For a short video on the theme "Service Above Self," click here.
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Doing Good and Having Fun Doing it!

We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
Tavistock Country Club
100 Tavistock Lane
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
United States of America

(856) 795-7976
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Mission Statement

The Rotary Club of Haddonfield members unite to facilitate positive change in local communities and around the globe.


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2020 Rotary Scholarships Awarded

Each year, the Rotary Club of Haddonfield Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving students with financial need in Haddonfield and nearby communities who are planning to further their education in a university, college, vocational or other tertiary setting.

Particular consideration is given to students who demonstrate an understanding of the Mission of Rotary International: providing service to others, promoting high ethical standards and advancing world understanding, good will and peace.

The Rotary Club of Haddonfield Foundation is incorporated as a 501(C)(3) New Jersey nonprofit corporation, operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.  Accordingly, donations are tax deductible.

The Foundation is structured to accept financial contributions in a variety of forms, including cash and stock.  Awards can be established in honor or, or in memory of a named person or cause.

Since making its first award in 2002, the Foundation has awarded more than 120 scholarships with a total value of over $230,000.

Academic Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, recommendations, evidence of motivation, character, ability, work experience, community service and the required essay.

Arts Scholarships are awarded based on achievement in the arts, potential for success in the arts and the required essay.  An audition may be required.

Vocational Scholarships are awarded to students pursuing a career in the vocational field.

Application forms for 2021 will be available online October 31, 2020  at

For more information, contact the Foundation Chair, Mary Ann Bigelow at .

Conditional Scholarship Fund Descriptions: 

Judith Bean Fund was established by the Bean Family and is ONLY for scholarships for students majoring in piano.   

William Bromley Fund is from funds donated by his family in Bill Bromley Sr.'s memory for students majoring in health-related fields.  

Kenneth Hagerman Engineering Fund is for students going into engineering and was established by Karen Hagerman in honor of her father.  $4,000 of the original $6,000 has been spent;  $2,000 remains.

Margaret Bancroft Fund  for students going into special ed.  These funds came from Bancroft in Kathy Ross's honor and from Kathy herself, as a donation in lieu of a President's gift in her presidential year.

Joe Baltake Scholarship for the Written Arts for a  Camden (city) high school senior planning to study/major in Journalism, English, Film or Theatre Criticism, or related written communications field. 

William Garwood Scholarship  was established by Bill’s coworkers established for students majoring in chemistry.

Vocational Fund is a fund that is to be used for vocational programs, as well as the Robert M. Oberholzer Vocational Scholarships.  (Under Vocational Committee, not Arts & Academic Scholarships Committee.)

Robert M. Oberholzer Fund was established by Bob himself for Camden students pursuing higher education.

Academic & Arts Fund is the main scholarship fund.  This is for Arts & Academic Scholarships and has until now also been used for the Veteran Scholarship.  Now that we will have a separate Veteran Scholarship Fund, the Vet scholarships will come from the Vet Fund.

A point of history:  The Academic & Arts Fund was the seed money from the dissolution of the Geographic Society, a Rotary organization that used to show documentary films in town but became defunct.  In 2001, the leftover funds were used to form the Rotary Club of Haddonfield Foundation.

Why we are Rotarians Video
Why we are Rotarians
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Special thanks to Rotary D7640 Public Image
Director Glenn Page for producing this video to
help us all spread the word about Rotary. 
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