Daisy Piña

“I have always been passionate about helping others and giving back to my community.” Daisy Piña wrote these words in her Rotary Scholarship Application. Daisy, a student at Camden Catholic High School, “thrives in settings where she can collaborate and work with members of a group” according to Mr. Oasin, her Spanish teacher.  “She is not afraid to try new things.” While maintaining a  rigorous academic schedule, Daisy is also involved in extracurricular activities such as lacrosse, student government, baking club and tutoring students at her former middle and elementary schools. Daisy has always set goals for herself  and says, “Receiving a higher education would make it much easier for me the achieve those goals.” Daisy will study Sociology and Autism Behavioral Studies at Saint Joseph University.

Alexandra Guazonne

“Throughout my education, I took a variety of classes pertaining to my passion for STEM,” writes Alexandra Guazonne, a Haddonfield Memorial High School student.  But struggling with a physics class sparked a new attitude in Alexandra and taught her the value of working hard to achieve a goal. “I loved the compensation of doing well while appreciating what I was doing.” Steven Fluharty, Lexy’s guidance counselor, states “she has an insatiable appetite for learning and curiosity and her warm sense of humor makes her fun to be around.”
Lexy moved from France with her family in the summer before 8th grade with limited English proficiency which makes her academic achievements even more impressive. She also believes in giving back to the community - value she shares with Rotarians. An avid  runner in cross country and track is something she does for fun. Lexy will be attending Lehigh University with a dual major of engineering and arts.

Zion Lee

“They could remember me as the kid that was always super involved. They could remember me as a creative person and having amazing ideas and always volunteering.”  Zion Lee, a Haddonfield Memorial High School student, would often joke to her Steven Fluharty, her guidance counselor. “Zion  does not hesitate to challenge herself in our rigorous and demanding curriculum” shares Mr. Fluharty. Zion says in high school she really enjoyed how to debate, voice my opinion and stand up for what is right.”  A belief Rotarians share in asking is it “fair to all”? Zion has been vice-president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, chairperson of fundraising for the South Jersey NAACP, president of her youth choir and student officer in the Black Student Union.  Zion also has an athletic side and is involved in the winter and spring track program and a flag person in the color guard/marching band program. Vincent Gallo, her  chemistry teacher, “feels her involvement in these organizations shows her maturity in seeking to address complex issues and challenging societal problems.” Zion will attend Morgan State University majoring in Interior Design and Political Science.
Luke Hargrove
The William H. Bromley Scholarship awardee is Luke Hargrove, a Haddonfield Memorial High School student. Bill Bromley was a lifelong Rotarian. He was President of the Audubon, Haddon Heights and Oaklyn Club in the 1960’s and Haddonfield Rotary Club in 1997. Luke’s desire to pursue a career in medicine started as a freshman. He overloaded his high school schedule with science classes to challenge himself, to see if he could handle the workload and develop proper study habits to prepare him for the rigors of college science courses and hopefully medical school. Luke’s application essay was about how he handled the passing of his father before he started high school and how it influenced him and his desire to accomplish his career goals.  During high school his mom was diagnosed with cancer.  This motivated him to take more science courses in order to prepare for a career in medicine. Luke plans to attend Rowan University to study Biology.
Jada Scott
Jada Scott is the recipient of the Robert M Oberholzer Fund. Jada is a senior at Urban Promise in Camden. She has the highest GPA in the senior class and is headed to college at Rowan University to major in studio art and possibly a career as an art teacher.  In her essay, Jada says she is pursuing this career to “share her creative ideas and stories” with others to “help and inspire” them. According to Andy Joshua, Head of Schools, Jada is a “motivated student who is interested in learning and takes her education seriously.” He also says she has a creative mind and loves to create characters and stories.  And Jada is a kind and caring person who encourages classmates and promotes unity.  He says she is a great student and a great human being.” 
Faith Heine
In her application essay, Faith mentioned that at an early age of 13, she would listen to the stories being told by her family at holiday gatherings. These stories were so fascinating to her, but she wanted to know why these things happened. From this experience, Faith would like to pursue a career in forensic science so she can understand the behavior of criminals and to offer psychotherapy to the victims. Her guidance counselor, Steven Fluharty, mentioned in his recommendation letter that
Faith is involved with the Glamour Girls. This is a non-profit organization, throughout the country, with the goal of making residents of assisted living facilities feel appreciated and less lonely. Faith spends time with the residents playing board games, painting their nails and just talking with them. Faith was a member of the Spanish Honor Society in Grade 11 and in her senior year, she is a member of the National Art Honor Society. Faith will attend The College of Charleston to study Psychology.
Janaisa White
“Janaisa White’s journey and growth over the past four years has been profound. She started high school as a very guarded and reserved student. As her confidence grew so did her engagement in activities both inside and outside the classroom,” according to Maureen Sullivan, her school counselor. Janasia, a student at Camden Catholic High School and the 2nd Robert M. Oberholzer Awardee, chose to stay online her junior year, a decision that was a problem for many students, but she did not let that stop her from achieving academic excellence ” writes Julie Bittinger, chair of the Foreign Language Department. While focusing on her academics, Janasia is also captain of the Cheer team and has worked with Urban Promise Ministries, an organization our Rotary Club supports, since she was 14 years old. Janasia’s goal is to work with children who are struggling with chronic diseases. Ms. Sullivan asked Janasia to select three words to describe herself and she chose kind, creative and open-minded. The three attributes reflect Rotary values, traits she has already shown and will serve Janasia well in her future career and life. Janasia will major in Nursing at Bethune-Coleman University.
Hannah Epstein
Hannah Epstein knows her future would be incomplete without the ability to perform and entertain. This does not mean she has not taken her academics seriously. Steven Fluharty, her guidance counselor at Haddonfield Memorial High School writes, “Hannah is an extremely driven young lady who does not hesitate to challenge herself in our rigorous courses, gets involved in a host of extracurricular activities.” 
Hannah says, “I do not have to be an expert in every topic, but I believe knowing a little about a lot is the first step in broadening your worldview.”
In line with Rotary values, Hannah also gives back to the community by volunteering for a local animal shelter twice a month. Being the coxswain on the crew team rounds out her extracurricular activities.
Hannah will major in Communications with a Spanish Minor at Marist College. But there is one dream she would like to fulfill and that involves her love of entertaining. She would like to be on Sesame Street. "Sure it stemmed from a childhood desire to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster but overtime I came to recognize the impact the program had on me and countless other children all over the world.
About Rotary Club of Haddonfield Foundation Scholarships
Each year, the Rotary Club of Haddonfield Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving students with financial need in Haddonfield and nearby communities who are planning to further their education in a university, college, vocational or other setting.
Particular consideration is given to students who demonstrate an understanding of the Mission of Rotary International: providing service to others, promoting high ethical standards and advancing world understanding, good will and peace.
For more information, contact the Foundation Chair, Mary Ann Bigelow at maebigelow@gmail.com.