2018 Bird Seed Sale
Proceeds help fund a range of Rotary Club of Haddonfield community service projects each year.
Free delivery to Haddonfield Zip, on or after October 6
Alternatively, pick up yourself – on/after October 13 – from Wild Birds Unlimited,
1619 N. Kings Highway, Cherry Hill.
To order by mail, download the order form by clicking here
Questions or concerns? Call Bill Wallner: 609-605-2477.
Thank you for supporting this Rotary Club of Haddonfield community service initiative.
Deluxe Blend 
20lbs $32
40lbs $52
Black oil & striped sunflower, saffron, white millet.
Blended to attract the largest variety of birds.
Size Options (lbs)
Ground Feeding Plus
20lbs $27
Good for mourning doves and juncos.
Black Oil Sunflower
20lbs $32
Preferred 2 to 1 by wild birds that frequent feeders.
Thinner shells and higher oil content create more energy.
No Mess 
20lbs $45
Contains shelled sunflower, millet and peanuts.
No husks, no mess, no cleanup!
20lbs $40
A high-energy treat for cardinals and other colorful birds.
Best of all? Squirrels don't like it!
Thistle (Niger)
10lbs $29
A favorite of finches and other small birds.
Ideal in finch feeder.
11oz cakes, pack of 8 $26
Suet attracts woodpeckers and nuthatches.