Rotary Club of Haddonfield * Eighty Years of Service
For more than eighty years, members of the Rotary Club of Haddonfield have worked in a wide variety of ways to put the Rotary motto - "Service Above Self" - into practice for the benefit of the club, the members' vocations, the local community, and the wider world. The Rotary Club of Haddonfield was founded on May 11, 1927. It is one of 54 clubs in District 7640, covering the six counties in southern New Jersey. With more than 120 members, the Haddonfield club is the largest in the District. The Rotary Club of Haddonfield meets for lunch each Wednesday at the Tavistock Country Club.
Inquiries from those who are interested in the Haddonfield club are welcomed. Contact the club administrator, Vince Russo at: 1 856 795 7976
    Past Presidents    
  1927 Harry E. Richman /d 1967 Arthur K. Henderson
  1928 Ernest A. Farrington /d 1968 Clement T. Heverly /d
  1929 Victor H. Clymer /d 1969 Chris L. Gross /d
  1930 John W. Barron /d 1970 John C. Long
  1931 Herman E. Leyendecker /d 1971 Clarence N. York
  1932 Alan S. Martin /d 1972 Walter J. Lane /c
  1933 Ernest A. Farrington /d 1973 Chester E. Stroup
  1934 Ernest A. Farrington /d 1974 Edward Shaughnessy
  1935 Lawrence L. Glover /d 1975 David H. Schantz /d
  1936 Herman E. Leyendecker /d 1976 Elmer D. June
  1937 Charles S. Winner /d 1977 F. Leland Rose /d
  1938 J. P. Hendershot /d 1978 Warren C. Sinclair /h
  1939 Walter H. Cope /d 1979 William H. Woodward /d
  1940 E. Chester Ridgeway /d 1980 Samuel E. Fulton /d
  1941 Harold B. Curriden /d 1981 William F. Low, Jr.
  1942 Walter S. Thomas /d 1982 Clayton A. Morrell /d
  1943 Henry D. Bean /d 1983 Charles A. Sayre /c
  1944 Harry J. Cable /d 1984 William M. Lane /c
  1945 William W. Reynolds /d 1985 Blair M. Murphy /d
  1946 George McMillan /d 1986 Loren T. Burns
  1947 William J. Moffitt /d 1987 William H. Smith /c
  1948 C. Russell Briant /d 1988 Oreste J. Mogavero
  1949 John C. Gilmour, Jr. /d 1989 Robert D. Hubbard /c
  1950 Frank A. Goodfellow, Jr. 1990 Allen S. Bolinger /d
  1951 Thomas M. Skirm /d 1991 Eugene E. Ferry /c
  1952 James J. Nobel 1992 James C. Tassini /c
  1953 Joseph L. Grimm /d 1993 Henry D. Bean, Jr. /c
  1954 Robert Wright /d 1994 Vincent P. Russo /c
  1955 George Von Uffel, Sr. /d 1995 Douglas F. Knight /c
  1956 William A. Stinson /d 1996 John J. Master /c
  1957 Stanford A. Robinson /d 1997 William H. Bromley /c
  1958 Lewis W. Barton /d 1998 Mark A. Ruggerio /c
  1959 Richard E. Gallagher 1999 Arnold B. Olt /c
  1960 Edwin T. Schultz /d 2000 William M. Carley /c
  1961 Ernest A. Farrington /d 2001 John A. Juzaitis Sr. /c
  1962 William Leyendecker /h 2002 Frederick J. Rohloff /c
  1963 J. Albert Ellis /d 2003 Karen Hagerman /c
  1964 Robert K. Scarborough /h 2004 David W. Restrepo /c
  1965 George M. Von Uffel /d 2005 Franklin C. Carr, III /c
  1966 William E. Evans 2006
David J. Hunter /c
    Past District Governors
  1949 William W. Reynolds, Sr./d
  1973 Edwin T. Schultz /d
  2001 William H. Bromley /c
c = current member  |  d = deceased  |  h = honorary member