Thanks so much for your support of our Bird Seed Sale this year! 
2016 Bird Seed Sale
Proceeds help fund the Rotary Club of Haddonfield'sSummer Concerts on Kings Highway
Free delivery to Haddonfield Zip, on or after October 8
(Alternatively, pick up yourself – on/after October 15 – from Wild Birds Unlimited, 1619 N. Kings Highway, Cherry Hill.)
To order by mail, download the order form HERE
To order online, use the form BELOW
Questions or concerns? Call Bill Wallner: 609-605-2477.
Thank you for supporting this Rotary Club of Haddonfield community service initiative.
Delux Blend 
20lbs $28
40lbs $48
Black oil & striped sunflower, saffron, white millet.
Blended to attract the largest variety of birds.
Size Options (lbs)
Ground Feeding Plus
20lbs $22
Good for morning doves and juncos.
Black Oil Sunflower
20lbs $28
Preferred 2 to 1 by wild birds that frequent feeders.
Thinner shells and higher oil content create more energy.
No Mess
20lbs $42
Contains shelled sunflower, millet and peanuts.
No husks, no mess, no cleanup!
20lbs $37
A high-energy treat for cardinals and other colorful birds.
Best of all? Squirrels don't like it!
Thistle (Niger)
10lbs $25
A favorite of finches and other small birds. Ideal in finch feeder.
11oz cakes, pack of 8 $22
"Naturally Nuts." Suet attracts woodpeckers and nuthatches.